I'm a freelance editor, journalist, and copywriter with over eight years experience in crafting magazine features, creating website content businesses, and subediting. Want to know a bit more about me? Find out what I do for fun, or take a look at my profile on LinkedIn. Please send me an email if I can help you!




Lagom is a bi-annual print publication co-founded by myself and Elliot Jay Stocks. Available from stockists worldwide, there is also a Chinese and Korean version. Visit readlagom.com.


Digital Camera

Here are some clippings of my work in print.



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I produced a series of articles focusing on how the platform can build businesses. These were published on DesignM.ag, DzineBlog and Freelance Folder respectively.

Photography Week

BBC Wildlife Magazine

I regularly freelance for BBC Wildlife Magazine, subbing copy, and writing for various regular features, including news articles. 



Photography Week

Here's a brief selection of work I've done for this title.


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Wild Travel magazine 

Feature writing, subediting, and writing news stories for the website.



RAC (with Specialist)

I worked on the RAC's club magazine (print and digital) with Specialist, a Bristol-based content agency. 

Premier Traveler

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